Life-changing decisions at Celebrate Norfolk

2011: As well as putting the local Christian community in the public spotlight, the Celebrate Norwich & Norfolk event also saw some life-changing decisions being made. Mike Wiltshire reports.

It was great to be with scores of other Christian out on the streets, demonstrating the reality of the Christian message in and around the Forum in Norwich. But at a personal level, there were also numerous life-altering decisions made during the Celebrate weekend. 
For Christians it was a great 'networking' opportunity, while casual passers-by found a ‘listening ear’ or timely advice and went away encouraged.  Visitors asked for prayer from the teams in the Forum area as they met with the Healing Rooms team and those with ministry display tables.
Outside, on the Millennium Plain, other passers-by lingered to watch and listen to a wide range of presentations in words, music and dance.
One couple visited St Peter Mancroft Parish Church because this was where they were married, 50 years ago, and it was their anniversary weekend. There, they met members of the prayer team and seemed “overwhelmed” by the kindness shown to them. They were then encouraged to call by the Healing Rooms caravan, located nearby, outside the Forum – where the couple made a heartfelt, first-time commitment to follow Jesus Christ.
Other visitors to the VIP Dinner on the Friday night at the nearby Holiday Inn also made commitments of faith, after hearing the remarkable testimonies of Lord Elton and the former mafia boss, Davey Falcus – the speakers’ stories were a total contrast, yet they both spoke of the power of Jesus Christ to change lives. The ‘sell-out’ VIP dinner was so well-attended that some guests had to eat in an adjoining restaurant.
FGBElton350Lord Elton (pictured right) – whose wife is a Lady-in-Waiting to the Queen - spoke of God’s guidance in his personal life and in complex matters of public life – while Davey Falcus told of his dramatic conversion and deliverance from a life of high-level crime, as told in the best-selling book, Gangland to God.
At the Forum, overseas visitors were offered free copies of DVD feature film – in 32 different languages – on the life of Jesus Christ. No-one refused these DVDs from Norwich members of the Full Gospel Business Men - and the versions distributed ranged from Arabic, Urdu, Chinese Cantonese, Eritrean and Dutch, plus Indian languages such as Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.
On the Sunday morning, visitors at the Café Church in the Forum (pictured top) listened to the moving testimony of Brad Thompson, a new Christian who has experienced a transformed life through healing power of Christ after years of drug dependency.