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Network Norfolk identified as a Beacon website

NNNlaptop400Network Norwich and Norfolk has been identified as a Beacon Hub community news website by national charity The Media Trust because of our quality work in the area of community reporting.
Media Trust’s Newsnet aims to foster a community in which people can connect, share and learn about how grassroots community media can be used to give local communities a voice and the ability to tell their stories.
This is exactly what Network Norwich & Norfolk has been aiming to do over the past seven years for the local Christian community and, because of that work, Media Trust has identified the website as a shining, inspiring example of citizen and community-led reporting and accorded it Beacon status.
Newsnet Community Outreach Manager, Alex Delaney, said: “Beacon websites should offer a welcoming face to potential contributors within its own community and share our aspiration to increase awareness and participation in grassroots media to ensure communities have a voice, that their voices are heard, and that communities can grow, take charge of and shape their own stories. What you're doing with Network Norwich and Norfolk is exactly the sort of site that Newsnet wants to support."
NewsnetLogoNetwork Norfolk publisher, Keith Morris, said: “We are delighted with the recognition from the Media Trust of our work. Our aim is to help all elements of the local Christian community communicate what they are doing and thinking to the wider community. This is typically done through articles or videos about events, social action projects and human-interest stories which may not otherwise get an airing in the local media.
“We have helped literally scores of local charities, church and social action projects to promote their work to the wider community and thereby gain support, volunteers and even new staff. We have helped to make connections between people and projects by telling inspirational stories and spreading great ideas and projects.
MediaTrustLogo“We distribute our stories through the main website, Facebook and Twitter links, a YouTube channel and through the content being picked up by many other local, national and specialist media outlets. Thereby reaching a much bigger audience than we alone can offer,” said Keith.
Achieving Beacon status means that Network Norfolk will now work closely with the Media Trust to help other local organisations and individuals become more active in the areas of community media and citizen journalism.

Free training offer in community media and citizen journalism

The first joint initiative between the Media Trust and Network Norfolk will be to offer a series of free training sessions in topics such as social media and video journalism. 

More details will be released very soon, but if you want to register an interest now, please send us an e-mail with your name, indicating any related topics which you might be interested in.


To submit a story or to publicise an event please email: web@networknorwich.co.uk