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Packed church welcomes new South Norfolk pastor

AttleboroughBaptist338A packed congregation has welcomed a new pastor’s ordination at Attleborough Baptist Church in South Norfolk.

Pastor John Rose was ordained in front on a congregation of over 100 people on February 15, some 28 years after he first received a sense of calling to the ministry.
John and wife Judy came to Attleborough and started worshipping at Attleborough Baptist Church in 2006. The couple have two grown-up children, James and Jessica.
Six years later he was called by the congregation to be their assistant pastor.  Since then he was encouraged to seek formal recognition of his ministry, which was granted by the Eastern Baptist Association in November 2013.
“It has taken over 28 years to have my sense of calling confirmed, and my deepest thanks are offered to my family and closest friends who have stuck with me through all the highs and the lows over so many years,” said John.
“I first sensed a calling towards the ordained ministry way back in 1985. Consequent upon this, I studied theology at Trinity College Bristol from 1985-1987, which necessitated my family and I moving from Worthing, West Sussex, to Bristol. On leaving college in 1987, I worked for a missionary society in London for three years as I continued to work out my sense of calling, but without receiving confirmation. Years continued to pass by and I became involved in a variety of ministries associated with church work in a lay capacity.
“Now, at Attleborough Baptist Church, we have a congregation of around 50-60 people and are primarily aware of God’s purposes in all of this. We rejoice in all He is doing, which in part we believe is that of equipping us as a church, along with all other churches in the town, to face an Attleborough which seems likely to undergo significant expansion in the near future. By His grace, we will be ready to meet the challenge.”

Pictured above is Attleborough Baptist Church. 

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