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Ray and Ruth Venice 640CF
Sheringham couple share God’s light across Europe

2018: Reverends Ray and Ruth Scorey have just returned from an amazing journey across Europe, and donated their motorhome to missionary work in Malta. They tell their story here:

Arise, Shine, For Your Light Has Come
ray  ruth scorey 600CF"When God sent Ray and Ruth Scorey, pictured right, to motor-home down the East coast of England in 2014, to pray for the healing of the land, it was just the beginning of something bigger. Of course, that is how God works in us; He starts us off small and beckons us on encouragingly to bigger things, just as the proud parent of toddling children who have lots to learn.
"But little did Ray and Ruth dream that they would find themselves motor-homing through Europe in early winter at the end of 2017, to perform a very similar act of prayer and healing upon the land there:- All the way to Malta via Latvia, to give the motorhome to Malta Healing Rooms.
"To make things a little more challenging, the journey through middle Europe was accomplished in the dark, as the vehicle's leisure battery didn't charge up until it was fixed in Rome! It was as if the black-out was mirroring a dark spirit of occupation that still inhabits these nations; previously warring, war torn, suppressed and oppressed by invaders. But God is switching on the lights in Europe!
"No-one in their earthly mind would think to camp in Poland or take on the first snows of Austria in November. Certainly, there were times when two sets of pyjamas and two sleeping bags were still not sufficient! And yet, in quite clear displays of light, God made it apparent to Ray and Ruth, that He most definitely hemmed them in behind and before on their journey.
Ray and Ruth Riga 400CF"You see, they arrived in Latvia's November just in time for the annual candle-lighting ceremony of "The Eleventh Of The Eleventh", pictured right, to commemorate Latvia's victory and freedom over the Soviets in 1918. And Ray and Ruth also arrived in Venice just in time to see their annual candle-lighting ceremony at Santa Maria Della Salute, pictured above, to commemorate Venice's salvation from the plague in 1630.
"What fitting tributes of light to Christ's amazing feat on the cross; to not only save us from the captivity of sin and evil, but to heal us from our disease. And this is the message of Healing Rooms.
"Indeed the "Light" theme continued throughout the journey. After travelling from Cromer to Riga in Latvia, Ray and Ruth took part in a Healing Rooms Conference after which the leaders lit fourteen matches, placed in bread and set upon a map of Europe, pictured below. They declared and decreed that each match, planted as a prophetic act in each country visited on the way to Malta, would be the birthplace of new Godly light and growth.
"This took them to Kaunas in Lithuania, Warsaw and (heart achingly) Auschwitz in Poland, Brno in Czech Republic, Bratislava in Slovakia, Hegyeshalom in Hungary, Graz in Austria, Venice, Tarquinia and Salerno in Italy, Palma and Barcelona in Spain (a brief diversion on family business), and finally Malta's St Paul's Bay and Marsaskala Points - the edges of Europe.
Ray and Ruth matches 400CF"How amazing to discover that the team in Malta had had a similar prophecy involving candles lighting each other across their land. Brexit may be impending, yet Europe is waking up to Jesus."

Healing Rooms is a growing international organisation, biblically based and run by a loving, encouraging team of Christians from a mixture of denominations. For a healing appointment, or if you wish to join the team, contact norfolk@healingrooms.org.uk, leave a message on 07900 341287 or visit www.norfolkhealingrooms.co.uk

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