Celebrate Norfolk re-imagines its future shape 

2018: Celebrate Norwich & Norfolk is marking its tenth anniversary in 2019 and the team behind the charity has been reimagining its future to come up with a new-look event for June 2019.

Using the occasion of the tenth anniversary to review the shape of the charity and its landmark event at the Forum in Norwich, an expanded team has been praying and thinking what the future might look like.

Project director John Betts said: “We met together as a core team inside the Forum in November to pray and see what future direction we should be heading in.

“It seemed to us that the venue for our event, The Forum is, in many ways, a modern secular cathedral with its inspiring all-encompassing design, its collection of retail outlets, a strong media presence and source of information (the Millennium Library).

“We strongly feel that there is a place for faith in modern society and having a strong presence in the very public setting of the Forum is one excellent way to make this a reality.

“We want the event to continue to be a flagship occasion where we can provide a public platform for the different elements of the Norfolk Christian community to come together in a very visible show of unity and demonstrate, celebrate and communicate what that community is and does,” said John.

“We are strongly supported by para-church Christian organisations, groups and charities but we would also like to give churches across Norwich the opportunity to publicly demonstrate and communicate what they are all about.

“To this end we would like to talk to any church which would like to take advantage of this opportunity to discuss how we might work together to promote what they do,” he said.

“We want a much bigger emphasis on demonstrating and celebrating and would love churches and other groups to come up with innovative ways in which they can actively engage with the large number of people in Norwich city centre on a Saturday.

“We want it to be more like a free community festival with lots of things for the public to do and engage with rather than a more straight-forward exhibition as at past events, though there will be an element of that for participants.

“Finally, we want to put on a range of activities such as fun and games, thought-provoking activities, music, drama and free food. It you have an idea of what you can do to join in we would love to hear from you,” said John