Marking ten years of Celebrate Norfolk

2019: John Betts, director of Celebrate Norwich & Norfolk, looks back over ten years of the Christian charity’s events.


I rejoice in the goodness of God to us over these ten years since we first launched Celebrate. The years have been marked by much to give thanks for.

So many people and such a wide variety of churches and ministries have been involved. We have been delighted to share with all those who have caught the vision and joined with us to celebrate, demonstrate and communicate something of what the Lord is doing in our city and county over the years.

Much of the time we have operated on a wing and a prayer, never quite certain whether the event will come together or not and yet it has, again and again! But God is faithful and we have occupied the Forum and Millennium Plain year in and year out. I personally have undergone major heart surgery and yet still Celebrate happened as the team pulled it all together. The Forum staff have always been outstanding in their support of us and enabled the smooth running of the event. 

It has been great to have people and churches in King’s Lynn catch the vision and run such a successful event over recent years. The churches there have really got behind Celebrate and joined in with enthusiasm. The diocesan tent at the Royal Norfolk Show has expanded to include many of the wider Christian ministries which operate in Norwich and Norfolk. We very much appreciate their fellowship in association with us in witnessing to what God is doing in our city and county in this the biggest county event of the year.

The years have brought changes to what we do and how we do it. We have learned to be flexible and adapt to what the Lord enables with the people and ministries which come together to make Celebrate what it is year on year.

We are always open to fresh approaches and new ministries joining us as we present the work of the Kingdom of God to so many people in the heart of our city. We believe it is important to witness to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ where people are because he loves our city and its people.