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We must still be a welcoming Church
Finding a moment with God
We can help to complete God’s jigsaw
Why should I believe in Jesus?
Face masks – a spiritual undertaking?
You will find rest for your souls
Worship strengthens the good in us
Use your time wisely for the Master
Letting God into the whole of your life
Holding God’s hand through the uncertainty
What does it mean to be free?
Do I have to go back to church?
What is an effective church?
People of God have much to remember
Decluttering the mind to make room for God
A response to identity politics
Invite Heaven into your home
How important are our church buildings?
A doorstep prayer for an outpouring of the Spirit
Children of God should be who we are
Getting closer to God on the mountain tops
Loving and caring must be the new normal
Staying Alert is part of our faith
Our empty streets are filled with love
A time for courage, not fear; love, not anxiety
Cathedrals – sacred spaces in troubled times
Searching for rainbows – the sign of God’s love
They were always heroes, and always will be
God can cope with our problems
God gives the strength we need during lockdown
Jesus didn’t keep a social distance
Mind the gap - how to fill our lockdown lives
Pandemics, past, present and future
Being present in the present with God
Self-isolating in the Upper Room
Jesus has the final word on the cross
“Do not be afraid….He has been raised”
We need resurrection hope in testing times
A silence that nurtures and upholds
“Your sins are forgiven”
Lent began last Tuesday
We should welcome the stranger
Is God pointing us to a better future?
Running into the wind
Time enough to fulfil our calling
A good Samaritan in an unfamiliar world
Look after each other and planet Earth
The emancipation of women – 100 years on
God cares about planet Earth
Living intentionally with God’s support
Children – a gift from God
How can we not agree on what’s important?
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He will wipe away every tear

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