Celebrate Leaders Conference success 

The first-ever Celebrate Leaders Conference, which took place at the new Hope Christian Centre in Norwich in October, was a success, despite the limitations that the Covid-19 precautions placed on it. Elizabeth Davey reports.

The event went ahead in person on Saturday October 24, with written consent from Norwich City Council.
Four national speakers, and the delegates gathered together for a day of inspirational and challenging messages. John Betts, project director of Celebrate, opened the day with a short sermon based on 2 Timothy 2:15:  "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." This was the foundational vision for the event, a call to understand the place of the word of God in today’s world and for Christians to be unashamed to stand for the word of truth.
The speakers were Benjamin John from Christian Concern, Rev Melvin Tinker cultural theologian and Vicar of St John’s, Newland in Hull; Dave Brennan from Brephos and Nick Franks, author and podcaster. They all came encouraged, equipped and stimulated the delegates both theologically and practically, to bear witness to Christ in this time.
NickFranks750One delegate commented: “It was a privilege to attend this conference; four national speakers sharing their prophetic understanding of what God is saying and doing in these days in shaking the nations and preparing the way for the return of Christ! It was inspiring and exciting to share in the day and hear God speaking to His church.”
The topics of the seminars included the Lordship of Christ: submitting all areas of life to Christ’s authority; The Gospel amongst gospels: discerning fake news from the good news; Birthing Vision: discovering God’s call on your life; and Body Zero: radical preparation for the return of Christ. The day focused on inspiring the delegates to regain a Biblical worldview through which to interpret the signs of the times, and challenged them with the practical outworking of this worldview in their lives.
John Betts, said of the day: “The Celebrate Leaders Conference was a highlight event - a brilliant start to the new Celebrate initiatives for 2020/21. For those who were able to attend, it was informative, challenging and inspiring. We came away uplifted from a day which will have a lasting impact.”
Pictured, top, is conference speaker Benjamin John from Christian Concern and, above, Nick Franks, author and podcaster.