Barrie steps down as national FGB chairman 

Norwich FGB branch president Barrie Lawrence has just stepped down as the National Chairman of FGB UK & Ireland after three “great” years in the role.

“The last three years have been great,” says Barrie. “But then most years of my life have been great. However, the last three have been different.”
Founded in the mid-twentieth century, the Full Gospel Businessmen (now known as just FGB) UK & Ireland, is active in around 180 nations. Its primary thrust is evangelistic, and focuses particularly on businessmen. However, its meetings are open to all, and its members represent every business imaginable, and every Christian denomination.
Barrie has been a member for over 40 years, president of Norwich FGB for 10 years, and regional director for East Anglia for 6 years. 
“We have 10 regional directors, and four others. Most are more experienced than me, and I was surprised to be asked to stand for chairman,” said Barrie. “But like every role in both local and wider Church, one is simply called to serve. And in FGB, I am serving alongside men who are not just great men of God, but fun to be with, and true friends.
“‘First amongst equals’ are the words used to describe the role of chairman, and a large part of that role is to represent FGB at both national and international gatherings. This tends to raise one’s profile, and has resulted in invitations to speak at dinners, breakfast and conferences throughout the four nations of the UK, as well as Southern Ireland, and sometimes more widely.
“Wendy and I love travelling, and enjoy meeting a variety of people, and so being chairman has certainly ticked boxes for us. But for the past six months or so, we have sensed the Lord telling us that this particular season is coming to an end.”
Norwich FGB is also going through a period of change, as Barrie hands over many areas of the work to younger men during “a year of transition”. 
Continuing as an active member of FGB at national, regional and local level, whilst also hosting a church in their home, will ensure that Barrie and Wendy keep busy. Visiting their six daughters and 20 grandchildren, living in five different countries, will keep them travelling. Barrie is also an author, with seven published books. Big Blue Sky - A Celebration of Norfolk was published earlier this year. Barrie has lived in the village of Frettenham, just north of Norwich, for the last 40 years.

Published: 19/04/2022