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Appeal for volunteer Norfolk Police chaplains 

An appeal has been issued for people to volunteer as Police Chaplains supporting the emergency service across Norfolk. Keith Morris reports.

Inspector Marie Reavey, who is shortly to move from Norwich to Fakenham and is National Chair of the Christian Police Association, said: “One valuable way churches can support their local police, after praying for them, is to consider whether you or someone in your congregation might consider a calling to the ministry of police chaplaincy.
“There is a real need for this ministry with the stresses and strains of the job impacting on individuals as well as personal matters like the cost of living, health issues and family matters. Now, more than ever, it Is essential that we have pastoral support for our police officers and staff as an additional resource to the forces’ own health and welfare provisions.”
To be a Chaplain it is not a requirement to be an ordained minister, but someone who is a respected member of their faith community, supported by their leaders and with some experience in a pastoral role.
“We have a number of stations and departments within Norwich and Norfolk and we would love each to have a dedicated Chaplin to care for them,” said Marie. “The role is voluntary and training is available in the policing area to familiarise people with this environment.”
As a minimum, two hours a week is suggested, regularly visiting a police facility to create and build sustainable relationships, although there could be further additional time if deemed necessary due to circumstances and operational requirements.
“Above all, good interpersonal skills and the ability to relate to people in a wide variety of situations is needed,” said Marie. “Caring with an ability to remain calm and understanding of the pressures and needs in stressful situations is required. The present multi-faith team of 12 chaplains would welcome new members, able to work and integrate with colleagues.
“If you have experience in working with members of diverse communities, are committed to serving and supporting the local community, then becoming a police chaplain may be something to consider. A background in the emergency services or military may also be useful, but not essential. It should be noted that the role is subject to the police vetting and security checks prior to appointment.”
If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Police Chaplain then please contact Lead chaplain, Richard Whall at richardwhall22@gmail.com or Marie Reavey at marie.reavey@norfolk.police.uk for more details.

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