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Users give Norfolk website the seal of approval

FRPGauge400Christian community website, Network Norwich & Norfolk, has been given the seal of approval from its users in a recent online survey.
When asked “How likely are you to recommend the website to others, on a scale of one to ten?”, an amazing 54% of the 357 respondents gave it a perfect ten out of ten and another 31% gave it either eight or nine. The average score was 8.8.
The percentage of net promoters among respondents was an astounding 59%, the best net promoter score recorded by survey provider Free Range People and almost double the next best score of 32% from the UK’s leading department store chain.
Free Range People director, Martin Kentish, who organised and analysed the survey, said: “It was a nice surprise to see such a positive response with some excellent observations and suggestions for improvements. The comments clearly highlighted the important role the website is playing in bringing together the wider Christian community. So very well done to the website team!”
“The top two factors that led to the high score were the freshness of the up-to-date news and the way content is delivered through e-mail alert ‘sound bites’. Third was the quality, diversity and clarity of the content,” said Martin.
FRPSurvey320“Widening the range of columnists and contributors, making it more accessible to non-Christians, and increasing more participation from all churches, particularly non evangelical ones, are areas where the website can grow, ” he said.
One respondent said: “The website is one place that has the ability to bring all churches together,” another said: “It breaks denominational boundaries and is a one-stop shop for Christian networking, sharing and equipping across Norfolk,” and another: “without it I would have little idea what is happening beyond my own church community.”
Website editor, Keith Morris, who helped to launch the site almost five years ago, said: “It is very gratifying that we seem to be hitting the mark for many of our users. One of our aims is to help break down barriers and assist the different parts of the local Christian community to communicate right across traditional boundaries.
“We always try to listen to what our growing numbers of regular users tell us and we will be incorporating the feedback from the survey into our future development plans.
“For example, the survey has told us that we have literally hundreds of people who actively promote the website to their friends and colleagues and in doing so, help us to grow and serve the Christian community even better.
“One of the best ways of doing this is to encourage their friends and contacts to sign up for the free e-mail newsletter, so they can easily see the great content we have on the site.
“To encourage people to do this, we will shortly be launching an initiative to “sign up a friend” during March, with the chance to win a £50 voucher to spend on books, cards or other church resources in our online shop.”
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