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Andy Bryant shares his thoughts on the relevance of the Religion statistics in last week’s Census results, and suggests what it means to live up to the identity of being Christian.
We are now in the season of Advent, and Ruth Lilley reflects that the period of waiting and preparing for Christmas can be of benefit to us all.
Ruth Lilley enjoys watching the well-known dancing contest on TV, and the persistence of the competitors reminds her of her journey with God.
Andrew Frere-Smith reminds us of the importance of meals, and offers us some food for thought as the rising cost of living impacts our communities.
The vibrant colours of autumn have been inspiring regular contributor Jane Walters to focus on the positive.
Rising prices affect us all, and Anna Heydon urges us to spare a thought for those who will be struggling with the cost of living this winter.
Philip Young encourages us to take a stand for what we believe, and has just written to Thérèse Coffey regarding climate change and the forthcoming COP 27. He explains why we should be prepared to protest.
Anna Price encourages Christians to engage positively with Halloween rather than hide away, on what many see as the darkest night of the year.
Andy Bryant urges us to pray for our political leaders, especially the new Prime Minister, and avoid unhelpful judgementalism.
Nigel Fox believes that now is the time for a tide of repentance, and shares his thoughts about what that actually means for our society.
Following the wild fires caused by the very hot and dry weather during the summer, Tony Mallion reminds us of some advice in the bible which draws on a comparison with such fires.
Robert Ashton considers what it means to be a called a Christian, and what part religion should play in one’s life.
Regular contributor Jane Walters has been recalling her youth, and thanks God for His faithful leading during her life.
As we are in the midst of the Harvest Festival season, when many churches hold services of harvest thanksgiving, Kevin Gotts shares a harvest-time tale with us.
As the nation starts to return to normal following the state funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Philip Young suggests how we should now look to move forward under our new monarch.
As we reflect on the state funeral of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II, John Kuhrt reminds us how much she proclaimed her Christian faith in her Christmas messages to the nation.
Regular contributor Andy Bryant questions whether the pursuit of growth is really the fairest answer to the cost-of-living crisis, and challenges us to consider our nation’s role in God’s creation.
Ruth Lilley has been to the seaside, and reflects on the words that ran through the middle of her stick of rock.
Andrew Frere Smith wonders whether our church premises could be used even more to bring some warmth and light into people’s lives during the coming winter.
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