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Andy Bryant argues that the role of the Church should not be driven by ephemeral whims of the news headlines or social media, but should follow God’s agenda.
Ruth Lilley explains why she is reluctant to say goodbye to this year’s primary class, and then face a brand new class in the autumn.
Jane Walters has been catching up on some Christian reading, and has discovered the joys of including a good book in her daily routine.
Andrew Frere-Smith urges us to work together and share our assets in order to tackle the worsening cost of living situation.
As we move through a period of increasing industrial unrest, Andy Bryant urges us to spend more time listening to each other’s point of view..
Regular contributor Philip Young believes that there is an alternative to the judgemental and often cruel attitudes in our society.
Robert Ashton has been questioning the label that could be applied to his beliefs, and shares his refreshingly honest thoughts with us.
Despite the hardships many around the world are currently facing, Ruth Lilley suggests that laughter is an important part of our lives.
Regular contributor Jane Walters cherishes the opportunities to work together with others rather than independently.
Following last week’s opinion column on Network Norfolk, where Andy Bryant made a case for the role of older people in our churches, Rev Dr Patrick Richmond explains why it is essential to attract younger people to the faith.
Regular contributor Philip Young believes that friendship with each other is a key element in bringing peace to the world.
Andy Bryant explains why he believes the older generations have a vital role to play in the growth of today’s church.
Anna Heydon urges us to take a lesson from the formation flying of geese as we cope with the busy-ness of our lives.
Andrew Frere-Smith reflects on how we can respond to the events in Eastern Europe at the moment.
Robert Ashton reminds us that God made us all as individuals, and feels that we should respect people’s desire not to conform, especially if it is driven by their beliefs.
Regular contributor Ruth Lilley encourages us to discover and pursue the purpose that God has for our lives.
Regular contributor Jane Walters encourages us to persevere in God’s strength to overcome the obstacles that life places in our path.
Regular contributor Ruth Lilley, explains how the hope of new life promised by the Easter story has helped her to avoid being held back by dwelling on past events.
Regular contributor Philip Young is reminded of Martin Luther King’s words as he follows reports of the war in Ukraine.
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