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S Norfolk church appeals to new generation

GreatMoultonMessyIn an area where churches struggle to attract children, Great Moulton Evangelical Chapel is delighted with its growing Messy Church congregation and the opportunity to be able to present young people with a Bible this Christmas.

Having recognised the need for a new initiative to connect with their local community and tempt new people through its doors, Great Moulton Evangelical Chapel started a ‘Messy Church’ outreach to coincide with the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations in July 2012. The first session saw 4 young children and their parents come to see what it was all about.

Steven Halstead, part of the Leadership Team and trustee of Great Moulton Evangelical Chapel said: “This number may seem small but if seen alongside the fact that the majority of the churches in our area have no children at their services at all, then this was significant.”

The church has continued to hold Messy Church events on the first Sunday of each month from 3pm – 5pm since it started. The numbers fluctuate but have steadily risen to 11 children over time.

Steven said: “The benefits are obvious as we forge links and friendships with young families which then continue outside of the church building. Our small fellowship realise that though our Sunday church services are small, this Messy Church, is no less a ‘church’ and we must see it as such.”

Each Messy Church service includes the opportunity to teach the messages of Christ and the Bible through play, stories, songs, dancing and eating together.

The church held their Messy Church Christmas service on Sunday December 1 where each child attending was given their very own age-appropriate, modern Bible.

Steven said: “The children were so happy at getting a present, their faces just lit up. Isn’t this what we should be doing? Sowing seeds for our future generations?  We feel very blessed that we can show God’s Love in word and deed through this new church.”

Great Moulton Chapel, High Green, Great Moulton, NR15 2HU

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