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Thank you for supporting Network Norfolk 

NNNlaptop400Churches, Christian organisations and scores of individuals across Norfolk have responded very generously once again to the Network Norfolk 100 Friends Appeal which has now closed for a further year.

Website publisher Keith Morris said: “Once again we are extremely grateful for a great response to our annual October appeal to support the work of the team behind the Network Norfolk website. 
“You have helped to ensure that we can continue our work supporting the Christian community across Norfolk in helping it to communicate the great things that are happening and work that is being done in its name.
“I would particularly like to thank the individual who posted a generous anonymous cash donation through my front door in the last few days.
“I am constantly amazed and heartened by the generosity of all of our supporters. Thank you.”

To submit a story or to publicise an event please email: web@networknorwich.co.uk