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West Norfolk climate concern group launched

WaterRipplesA group of people, including many from West Norfolk churches, met for the first time this month to discuss what local actions can be made for climate justice.

On January 11 around twenty people gathered at the Friends Meeting House in Bridge Street, King's Lynn to watch the film, The Age of Stupid, and to start to pool ideas and energy on the issue of climate change over tea and cake. The impetus had come from a challenge by the charity Christian Aid, deeply concerned about the disproportional effect of climate change on the world’s poorest people, asking churches to work locally for ‘climate justice’. People came from the former Friends of the Earth group, the Humanist Society and the Green Party as well as from several churches.
The film features Pete Postlethwaite as an archivist in 2055 on a devastated Earth looking at genuine old footage from the early 21st Century, trying to understand why humankind failed to address climate change. The film was heavy hitting but some people there expressed hope, backed by the 2014 the United Nations  IPCC report that there is still a real window to act before the processes accelerate past a tipping point and completely out of control. The UN Summit in Paris this coming December could be crucial.
The group has started to share ideas and resources, including websites, readings and another film on DVD (No Impact Man) and will continue to do so through email and a possible blog before meeting again at the Friends Meeting House on Sunday 22nd March at 3pm.

All are welcome to come or get in touch; please contact Daphne Sampson on daphne.sampson@virgin.net 

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