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Aylsham minister launches latest book 

Aylsham Counselling Patrick 402018: “Healing Prayer After Trauma” is the latest book by Aylsham minister Patrick Coghlan, which will be launched on at an event at the town’s ACT Centre on November 17. 

The book looks at the often long-lasting repercussions of having been through trauma in our lives, and focuses on entering into a dialogue of healing prayer with God. This may be for some kind of trauma that has happened, perhaps in the distant past, but where the effects are still ongoing.
Patrick Coghlan is the minister at Worstead Baptist Church in Meeting Hill, near North Walsham. He is also a trustee and the chaplain of Aylsham and district Care Trust (ACT), and the manager of ACT Counselling Services – both of which are based in the ACT Centre, which is part of the St Michael’s Care Complex in Aylsham. ACT is a Christian community care charity which does a lot of work with older people.
Patrick is married to June and they have two grown-up children – Rachel and Jonathan. He has been an enthusiastic author for many years - his first book was published in 2001. He has written a variety of Christian resources for different age groups, and some family novels. In his work as a minister, chaplain and counsellor, Patrick has had considerable experience of working with people of most age groups, in the context of providing ministry and care. He was inspired to write this new book a couple of years ago, at a conference being led by Marilyn Baker and Tracy Williamson.
As well as following Patrick’s own spiritual journey of seeking another level of God’s healing – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – Healing Prayer After Trauma is more importantly about the reader’s own journey. From what is the reader seeking physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing? And what form is their journey going to take?
Each chapter of the book examines a particular area of healing prayer. It begins with Patrick’s own dialogue with God, and his healing response. Bible references are given as a confirmation of that response. It then turns to the reader’s unique story.
patricks book 750CFPatrick said “It is my hope that my own dialogue with God will be helpful to the reader – and that they might be able to use some of it as a basis for their own dialogue, or at least find it an encouragement to embark on and persevere with their own journey of healing prayer. It is a very personal book for me because, as well as encouraging the reader to find healing for their trauma, I also share my own trauma of being relentlessly bullied for years at school and in the work place - and resulting mental health issues.”
The central section of each chapter looks at a related theme, based on the teaching of the Bible; particularly looking at healing promises contained within Scripture concerning the nature of God.
Patrick emphasises that Healing Prayer After Trauma is primarily about the reader and their story; and developing their own personal dialogue with God, as they seek to experience his healing in their life – physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. It is not a substitute for medical treatment or counselling. God can use those as part of the healing process – alongside a journey of healing prayer.
The launch event will also include Tracy Williamson with her new book The Father’s Kiss, Barry Lawrence with a selection of books he has written, and June Coghlan displaying and selling her stained-glass work. Patrick will also have copies of all his other books available.
The event will run from 10-00am to 4-00pm on Saturday November 17 and entry is free. Refreshments will be available at the ACT café.
The ACT Centre is in St. Michael’s Avenue, Aylsham, NR11 6YA.
Visit: http://aylshamcaretrust.co.uk/

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