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James Knight archive columns 

Here is a list of older columns written by James Knight.

God’s too big to not exist
The Truth and Knowledge of Christianity
Beware of restricting the truth
Climate change – emergency or not?
The supernatural and the Truth
Marital submission means putting God first
“Nothing more than nothing” can be significant
A Christian view of Donald Trump
Wheat and weeds – building up resilience
Mirroring the perfection that is already in us
Foodbanks – national disgrace, or Grace in action?
Bold and unusual
The genius of Jesus
Becoming like Christ
Why does God allow evil?
Let us also remember Christian martyrs
Dealing with doubts as a Christian
Grace-fulfilment, not wish-fulfilment
Why Society needs Christ
We can be agents of radical grace
What kind of political party would Jesus lead?
The Borrowed Light of God
Coping with the tough times as a Christian
Understanding God's justice
Enjoy Jesus this Christmas
Christianity - A trick of the mind?
Are We Alone In The Universe?
Network Norfolk columnist on UCB Radio
God’s grace is the only antidote for our sin
Grace-filled forgiveness after church shootings
Love and Grace at the centre
How can wicked people like Hitler be saved?
What would you say to God?
Why people reject God
Why Christmas is so special
God, genes, morality, alturism and grace
Why don't Christians pay atheists to attend church?
Why Jesus was probably not a socialist 
Britain: Christian, ex-Christian or post-Christian?
Climbing up your ladder: Christianity and status
Hitchens' atheist arguments under scrutiny
Examining the delusions of Dawkins
Love and work beyond national barriers
Nelson Mandela: great, heroic and human
Living the dream with God
Why God likes science and capitalism
The Bible as a book and interpretation
The quality of wisdom
Why love and grace supercede morality
The call to be generous Christians
Is there such a thing as a victimless crime?
The necessity of God and mathematics
Why a larger population would benefit our world
Shrinking the ‘God of the Gaps’ to zero
The Divine mind, morality and mathematics
Happy New Year: You are lucky to be here!
Taking the £ out of £hristmas
Dissecting the arguments about women bishops
Why do non-believers want church weddings?
Finding the best rules of thumb to live by
Speaking a smart, coherent Christian philosophy
Why the free will issue is unsolvable
The insurmountable problem with intelligent design
A balanced view of the metaphysical world
The royal family gives pride and pleasure
What happens when we're offended on God's behalf
Why capital punishment is never the right thing
Evolution helps us marvel in the extraordinary
Can religious belief make people worse?
Why there almost certainly is a God
Putting creation myths up against real science
What the pollsters forgot to tell you
The science delusion has made God redundant
The Gods of the fame culture
Christmas: a grand story to which we all belong
Closeness to God helps us live life to the full
The opportunities and threats of a virtual world
Secular Britain has lost the meaning of value
Has our country lost its spiritual heart?
Knowledge, experience and epistemology
Broken Britain in need of a saviour
Has humanity progressed over the centuries?
Nostalgia is not what is used to be…
The other side of the homosexuality debate
A debate on homosexuality and leadership
The similarities of creationists and atheists
The belief that the Bible is self-interpreting
Derren Brown, miracles and psychology of belief
Psychological patterns behind aspects of belief
Accountability in the face of fundamentalism
The Spectre of Fundamentalism
The question of salvation and judgement
The philosophical problem of eternal hell
Will all be saved in the end?
Keeping Christ in Christmas makes it special
The power of our discreet God
Feeling God without knowing it is Him
The genius mind of Jesus Christ
Grace and the illusion of the ‘moral compass’
Call to be generous with our forgiveness
Why Christianity is still relevant today
Is the universe friendly?
God and the metaphor of marriage
Searching for evidence in the right way
Engaging in the intellectual battleground
Stepping into a better life
The key to having an open mind
Do Christians have the burden of proof?
Looking for that Eureka moment
Is there such a thing as a 'religious brain'?
God of the old and new
God is the storyteller of our lives
Will people of today ever know how to trust?
Finding the truth behind every miracle
Why theology is more complex than science
Explaining the black swan events
Is understanding miracles beyond our grasp?
Are miracles beyond scientific analysis?


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