Chance to support Hudson Taylor movie project 

The Hudson Taylor movie is an international drama set in the 19th century about a young British medical student who defies all expectations to share love and, in the process, finds love himself.

An £11m project to develop the film is being led by Christian missionary organization OMF, which itself is the successor to the work of Hudson Taylor.
Based on the true-life story of Hudson and Maria Taylor, the movie is one of hope and perseverance despite seemingly impossible obstacles and heartbreak. Arriving in Shanghai on China’s East coast in 1853, Hudson Taylor from Yorkshire feels called to bring the hope of the Gospel to the people there.
Instead, he quickly learns that he is ill-prepared and must find his way around a new and unfamiliar culture. The story unfolds amidst a tapestry of cultural, ideological, and political conflicts between the East and the West.
Many missionaries and Christian workers recount how God used the Taylors’  life-stories to inspire them to bring the Good News to those who have not heard. We seek to re-tell their stories on the big screen to bring people to faith as well as to inspire a new generation of mission workers.
The movie is currently in development with an engaging script ready for filming once God provides the financial resources. Today professional film making is costly, with a total budget of around £11m.
However, Hudson trusted God for all his finances and said: “I so want you to realise this principle of working with God and asking Him for everything. If the work is at the command of God, then we can go to Him in full confidence for workers; and when God gives the workers we can go to Him for the means to supply their needs.”
 Today the mission Taylor founded 150 years ago OMF International (OMF.org.uk) still relies on prayer and faith in God to provide all its needs.
You are invited to join OMF in prayer and by sharing this vision.

Watch this video on why you might like to be involved in this project